Watch: What is Rishi Sunak’s popularity secret?

 Watch: What is Rishi Sunak’s popularity secret?

With this week dominated by a row over the Treasury’s pre-Budget briefings, Rishi Sunak might not be terribly popular with the Speaker and some of his backbenchers right now. But when it comes to party members, the Chancellor’s personal ratings are sky-high.

Mr Sunak was hardly a household name before Covid started, when he was a lowly junior minister, but these days he is often talked about as a possible successor to Boris Johnson.

According to a YouGov poll, Mr Sunak boasts a 96pc popularity rating, which is 2pc above his boss.  

As Catherine Neilan, The Telegraph’s Politics Live Editor notes, part of his charm is the fact that he is the perfect foil to the Prime Minister. Part of it is down to the pandemic – and part of it is pure luck.

Watch Catherine analyse the five Ps behind Rishi’s success in the video above. 

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