Dehenna Davison: Tory MPs like me don’t just rebel to be awkward

 Dehenna Davison: Tory MPs like me don’t just rebel to be awkward

Dehenna Davison is not afraid to vote against the government. As the first Conservative MP ever elected in her seat in County Durham, she has done so three times since her election two years ago, most notably as one of the 100 Tory politicians to vote against Covid passes for large events.

Speaking to this week’s episode of Chopper’s Politics, which you can listen to using the audio player above, she tells host and chief political correspondent, Christopher Hope, how the government can be quick to write off the reasoning of their colleagues who choose to rebel: “The government sees us as a bit of a nuisance, getting in the way of making policy.”

But this is, according to Ms Davison, misguided: “We don’t do it to be awkward. We do it to try and help make the policy the best. It can be the most effective way.”

If a vote goes the MP’s way, she adds, the benefits aren’t merely seen by the constituent: “If we’re delivering really good stuff that’s going to make people’s lives better, then people are going to feel that when it comes to the next election too.”

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