Newly released video of Nick Jonas injuring his ribs during a BMX race shows a scary scene

 Newly released video of Nick Jonas injuring his ribs during a BMX race shows a scary scene

Nick Jonas was feeling it – and by it we mean pain – during the NBC special Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers on Wednesday, where the trio of siblings tried their hands at various Olympic sports. And even though they were under the guidance of world class Olympic athletes like Sydney McLaughlin, Sanya Richards-Ross, Laurie Hernandez and BMX rider Alise Willoughby, Nick managed to fall not once, but twice.

His first tumble came during a hurdles race in track and field, and even though it looked rather painful, the youngest Jonas brother managed to pop right back up and finish the race. With his second spill, which came during a BMX bike race on a dirt track, Nick lost control of his bike pretty early in the race and managed to take out both of his brothers, Joe and Kevin, as well. But as the slow motion replay would later show, Nick hit his ribs and backside pretty hard on the dirt track. He was clearly in serious pain, enough so that the race was called and medics rushed to his side. He was later loaded onto a gurney and into an ambulance.

“Don’t stress. We got you,” Nick’s brothers can be heard saying. “We’ll be right behind you, okay?”

As we learned back in May when the special was shot, and while Nick was also working on The Voice, he ended up suffering a cracked rib.

While some viewers on Twitter were concerned for Nick, and one hilariously thought he was sabotaged by his brothers, most just enjoyed the entertainment. We saw comments like, “This competition is so funny and entertaining but I feel so bad for nick and all his tumbles.”

And even though things looked pretty bad in the moment with the presence of the ambulance and all of the medical staff, not long after the incident this JoBro was ready to go.

“I always give 110%, and sometimes that gets you the gold,” Nick said in a makeshift press conference for the show. “In this case, it got me a fractured rib, bruised tailbone and a hospital dinner. But I’m recovering. Thanks for asking, next question.”

Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers aired Wednesday night on NBC.

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