Lead witness in Trump inaugural investigation claims Trump was involved

 Lead witness in Trump inaugural investigation claims Trump was involved

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, former advisor to Melania Trump, now a lead witness in the investigation into former President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee, appeared on Cuomo Prime Time Thursday. Wolkoff spoke about the role the Trump Organization played in the allocation of funds for events surrounding the former president’s 2017 inauguration.

“It is really alerting and alarming that the Trump Organization’s role in not only being paid by the PIC (Presidential Inaugural Committee), the inaugural committee, inflated prices, not market rates, which they insist,” Wolkoff said, “but as well as having authority over the finances of the $107 million.”

A lawsuit was filed by the Washington D.C. attorney general against the Trump inaugural committee and the Trump Organization, alleging funds were used to enrich the family business, aligning with irregularities Wolkoff claims to have called out, and is now sharing with prosecutors.

“I was calling out the inconsistencies, the irregularities, I had a big issue with all of them. And because of that, they threw me under the bus,” Wolkoff said. “But the reality of all that is, they actually put me in the center of all of this. And I had spent three years figuring it all out, and connecting dots, and helping prosecutors, not because I wanted to but because I was subpoenaed to do so.”

The investigation into Trump’s inaugural committee, just one of multiple investigations into the former president, Wolkoff says, has taken over her life.

“I’m sitting here today, Chris, three years in. It’s taken over my life, this investigation, as a lead witness,” Wolkoff said. “Grand jury subpoena from the Southern District of New York all the way, you know, to the intelligence committee and now USDC (United States District Court for the District of Columbia).”

While Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg is currently under scrutiny, Wolkoff says Trump was in on all of it.

“The former president, Donald J. Trump, knew everything that was going on during the planning of the inaugural,” Wolkoff said. “He was very much involved in the day-to-day activity, he loved it. And Melania was as well. When they say that they had no knowledge of how the finances were spent, as well as no involvement in the inaugural, that’s just not true.”

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