Farrah Abraham Threatens to Sue Harvard Due to ‘Educationally Abusive’ Professor

 Farrah Abraham Threatens to Sue Harvard Due to ‘Educationally Abusive’ Professor

Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Farrah Abraham is ready to go to war with Harvard.

TMZ reports the former Teen Mom star is threatening to sue the university, claiming she was the victim of “educational abuse” after being kicked out of a zoom course and bullied by a professor to drop the course.

“I will be taking legal action against Harvard. I properly gave them time,” Abraham told a TMZ camerawoman while donning the university’s apparel. “I sadly had to write a review on Niche, on Yelp and on Google Maps because no one was getting back to me.”

The news arrives nearly a week after fans discovered a negative review of Harvard on Yelp written by none other than Abraham.

“After attending Harvard and #1 being discriminated to the highest level by being locked out of my zoom for a course I payed for by the teacher Patricia Bellanca and Dean Robert Neugenboren with no one answering emails, setting calls, nor the XXI, diversity, disabilities and admissions directors stepped in being cc’d from day 1 on the teachers misconduct, these are not responsible professionals these are bulling student tactics that are illegal and sexist,” Abraham wrote on Yelp. “I had to dispute my tuition after the teacher claimed I had a neurological issue yet my other course I was asked to guest speak with effortless A.”

“I would advise Harvard is not a safe nor credible school to attend. Educational abuse, deny student education, unsafe , discriminate, slander and poor mental health and writing and center help,” she continued. “Their own teachers do not know how to teach online!”

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